Brown Sugar Boba Cheesecake

Yeah... we did it! We created a Brown Sugar Boba Cheesecake and it is friggin' delicious! Inspired by the famous popsicle taking the internet by storm, we wanted to find a way to make a cheesecake version of the tasty boba drink available at boba shops around the world. Chef Barb's main hurdle, to create a boba ball that could take the heat of baking and still keep a good texture after being refrigerated. After a few weeks of trials, she cracked the code. Our custom boba takes a lot longer to make but tastes soooooo good when it's paired with our cheesecake.

We brought it out as a one week only special but after the insane love it got that week, we decided to bring it back for a second week. Got even crazier the second week. So for now it will be available all August long!

Don't miss out on this deliciousness.

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