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LA's First Nitro Coffee Cans Are Here!

After months of testing and perfecting, we are happy to announce that our NITRO COLD BREW COFFEE CANS ARE HERE!!! Proudly roasted, brewed and canned right here in LA! And we're the first in Los Angeles to do it!

The same amazing cold brew coffee that we serve on tap in our shop is now portable. Bring it with you to work, school, camping, parties, the beach... basically anywhere!

We steep our coffee grounds in large tanks for at least 24 hours in cold, filtered water. The resulting concentrate is then diluted to our taste and conditioned under high nitrogen pressure. When we feel it's ready, the canning crew moves there machinery into our facility and we get to canning, hand labeling and packaging.

Just shake well, open slowly and pour hard into a glass or enjoy straight from the can. It will be the smoothest, creamiest glass of cold brew you'll ever taste.

It is a lot of work but we are so proud of what we've made. Come load up on cans at our dessert shop! We'll be adding more locations soon.

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