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Our Halo Halo Is Back!

After so many requests for our Halo Halo to return... we made it happen! A month earlier than we did last year too!

Chef Barb's version of this classic Filipino shaved ice dessert is her dream Halo Halo. Bigger, better and made with love. All the good parts from the ones she grew up with plus a few updates of her own (like her family's secret leche flan). Ours has THIRTEEN ingredients making it much larger than most Halo Halos out there so you may want to share... or maybe not. It's also one of the ONLY ones available on the Westside.

Stop by and see what all the fuss is about. Perfect treat on these hot summer days. Just remember that it is ONLY here for the summer, so don't be late or you will have to wait till next year.

B Sweet Halo Halo

B Sweet Halo Halo

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