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Nitro Cold Brew Keg Delivery

Why should we have all the fun?! Why not have B Sweet Nitro On-Tap at your office, gym, movie set, restaurant, bar, market or home!!!

Are you serving beverages on tap already? We can just take over an available tap with one of out Nitro or Nitrous kegs. Don't have any taps yet? Don't worry, we can help you lease or purchase your own kegerator to use with our products (or switch it over to beer for holiday parties).

Our Nitro Cold Brew coffee and teas are super smooth, creamy and naturally sweet. We are also SUPER LOCAL since we roast, brew, can and keg all our beverages right here in Los Angeles!


-Cost per glass of our cold brew coffee is almost half the cost of ANY Starbucks drink.

-Less trips to the coffee shop needed since your coffee is now IN your location.

-Longer breaks not needing to walk or drive all the way to the coffee shop.

-Less acidity than hot coffee from these coffee shops.

-Consistent strength and flavor.

-Customizable On-Tap menu options.

-Plus pouring coffee and tea like a beer is just AWESOME!


-Profitable beverage to serve on tap.

-There are ALWAYS "Designated Drivers" that need a non-alcoholic beverage option. (Even looks like a beer)

-Great to add alcohol to for some AMAZING mixed drinks.

-No need to brew on site, we'll take care of that for you.

-Keep up with the hottest trend in coffee today!

-Perfect for locations that serve breakfast too.


-Another revenue stream.

-Give your clients the caffeine boost without the crash.

-Perfect "Pre-Workout" beverage.

-Only 3 calories per 12oz glass for our Nitro Coffee and Nitro Matcha Green Tea.

-Huge health benefits to "cold brewed" beverages.

-Our Nitro Cans can also be sold in your refrigerator.

We would love to schedule a tasting/demo at your location. Email us at INFO@MYBSWEET.COM for more info.

B Sweet Nitro Cold Brew On Tap

Nitro Cold Brew On Tap

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