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Halo Halo Is Back For Good!

Our Halo Halo was supposed to be a "Summer Only" special. It got so much love and had so many fans for those few months each year. The problem was that whenever we took it off the menu people got sad (and sometimes even mad). So after tons of emails, texts, face-to-face requests, carrier pigeons... we had to decide what to do.

Well, as you can see, Chef Barb decided to listen and bring her version of this Filipino classic back... but this time for good!

Our Halo Halo is now part of our regular menu. It is available all year round and it is already making people smile. Like always, our massive sized Halo Halo has THIRTEEN ingredients (love is the 14th ingredient).

Be sure to get one! And to best enjoy it remember to do what its name means in Tagalog... MIX MIX!

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