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We are extremely happy to announce the return of our Kamayan Feasts and now at our NEW Koreatown event space! We were having such a good time having them at Big Boi but had to of course stop them due to the global pandemic. During the pandemic, Big Boi started shipping and became 100% takeout so we had to fill the already small space with shelves and boxes.

The Kamayans we had at Big Boi were amazing, but a bit of a tight squeeze. Our new Koreatown location gives us the ability to have more guests, more space and more fun. We also have our beer and wine license coming so stay tuned for that.

To ensure our guests have plenty of space and to remain "covid-safe," we will continue to sell limited tickets to each event which means you DO NOT want to wait to get yours.

You can check out ALL our upcoming events and purchase tickets at our Eventbrite page HERE.

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