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After more than a year of perfecting (and delays from the global pandemic), our NEW and IMPROVED Nitro Coffee and Tea cans are finally here! We worked so hard to make sure they tasted just as good as our original cans but with one HUGE update... they are now SHELF-STABLE!

That's right, you can now store our cans anywhere and enjoy everywhere. Keep some in your car, office drawers, backpack, wherever. The same great tasting, low/no calorie, vegan/dairy free coffee and teas you love, just in sleek new cans and shelf-stable.

Available in our original four flavors:

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

Nitro Matcha Green Tea

Nitro Hibiscus Tea

Nitro Thai Tea

They are back on Whole Foods shelves NOW with a bunch of new locations coming soon. Be sure to check our Product Locator to find the nearest store near you. Load up on our cans and be sure to tag us @mybsweet on any social media and use #BSweetNitro for a chance to get reposted and maybe win some free cans.

We will start shipping them NATIONWIDE soon too. Thank you for all your continued love and support. xoxo

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